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Co-created stories give face to corporate communication


By Mervi Rauhala & Ida Rainio

Companies are currently facing vast changes on many levels. One of the challenges is to evolve into a truly customer-centric service company. This challenging process can be facilitated by using storytelling as a tool for change. This article presents how stories can be used to create a customer-centric identity within an organization, to unite the staff and to guide people towards a common goal.

using Design-games to support change management


By Hanna Iisalo

Digitalized services increase productivity, but to achieve the expected business potential work processes need to be changed. Using innovative methods as co-creation process customers and professionals are involved in creating the client-driven service. CoCo Cosmos design-game visualizes interaction between customer and service provider as well as clarifies changes on service channels and processes the digitalization generates.

Placing people at the center of Futures Design


By Anu Nousiainen & Minna Koskelo

Organizations, whether private or public, should not only prepare for the future but seize it and make an impact. Combining futures and design thinking ensures the optimal process for sensing, sensemaking and seizing opportunities for new value creation. This is what we call Futures Fit capabilities.

Upcoming: Customer-centric company growth


By Henrich Nyman

While the Start-Up-hype is running strong, few companies can be regarded as growth companies. Customer-centric mindset helps companies in generating growth through creating actual value for the customers instead of focusing on beating the competition.

Upcoming: Understanding customer's logic

Tools & Methods

By Jaakko Porokuokka

Understanding customers is key to becoming customer-centric. While user-research is a common practice in companies, the research should focus on insights that actually help in developing offerings that fit customers' lives.

Rethinking business models: Service Logic Business
Model canvas

Tools & Methods

By Katri Ojasalo & Jukka Ojasalo

Managers and developers have too few tools to implement customer-centered strategies. Popular business tools that direct companies’ planning and decisions are mostly based on the traditional production-oriented mindset: “We are selling something to someone”. There is a clear need for tools that truly help companies to develop their business models to meet customers’ everyday lives and problems: “How can we create new value together with our customers?”

Upcoming: The history and paradign shift of Service Marketing


By Core Team