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Using Design-Game CoCo Cosmos to support Change Management Digitalized services increase productivity, but to achieve the expected business potential work processes need to be changed. Using innovative methods as co-creation process customers and professionals are involved in creating the client-driven service. CoCo Cosmos design-game visualizes interaction between customer and service provider as well as clarifies changes on service channels and processes the digitalization generates.

Lack of effective communication is one of the key issues in change management

The digital technology surrounds us in our everyday life. Internet sites have interactive components, the secured messaging is widely used, Internet of Things is growing and the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is accepted in many organizations. The speed of digitalization and transformation in the society is astonishing. Digitalization creates new business opportunities and increases productivity.


Change management is crucial when digitalizing eServices. Well-managed change management program in an enterprise or organization is necessary. The objectives should be described clearly so they can be deployed to the staff. The personnel can be uneasy, worried or even afraid of changes the digitalization will process to their daily work processes.


CoCo Cosmos tool Innovative methods can be used to demonstrate how employee’s work processes will change. The card-based CoCo Cosmos tool was designed for company-customer activities in service business. It is a strategic service design tool which is easy to commence and play. CoCo Cosmos demonstrates the digitalized service model from the customer’s point of view. It elevates the interaction between actors of the service even from several organizations.
The CoCo Cosmos visualizes the tangible and intangible service elements to the professional whose work processes are digitalized and changed. Especially it brings to light the client as an active participant in the service. In the digitalized service the client acts partly as a co-producer of the eService and this action enables the client’s value-creating process. Depending how the eService creates value to the client he/she is willing to use it and vice versa. The client-driven service model is achieved when service provider’s representatives and clients take part in the co-creation process. The developed service is based on their experience and perspective. The co-creation process helps participants to understand how digital service channel can be integrated to the present service with several service channels as face-to-face, phone and digital ones. The users of the digitalized service are both clients and service providers. Digitalizing chronic care The CoCo Cosmos was used for digitizing chronic care process. In the workshop participants discussed and reflected while placing the cards on the board and drawing the interaction lines between the actors of the service. In the workshops an interesting discovery was how well it acted as a tool for change management. Each member of the multi-professional care team outlined their profession and tasks in connection with other actors and especially with interaction with the client. Their attitude towards digitalized service was changed during the workshop. The co-creation process accelerated the change as each person reflected their action with other actors. During the play the participants could recognize the added-value the digitalization brings to them and to the client. After the workshop all participants were confident of the change in their profession. They all noted to be users of the same service, not only providers and clients as they described the present situation. The customers participating in the workshops were pleased to take part in designing process of the service they are using. They were enthusiastic to integrate the service into their everyday life. The digitalized service model individualized the service in a positive and constructive manner.

Change management is crucial when digitalizing services. Involving professionals to the service design process engage and motivate them to the changes in their work processes.

CoCo Cosmos design-play visualizes complex services of several providers. It delineate the interaction between customers and professionals as well as responsibilities among professionals.

Co-creation workshop encourages participants to discuss, reflect and to improve the service and their own work processes. Co-creation and CoCo Cosmos design-play enhance change management.

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Hanna Iisalo